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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​About the EU RO MR Group​


  • Soon after the Regulation (EC) No 391/2009 entered into force in 2009, the EU ROs agreed that it was necessary to hold discussions on how to consult and work together to implement Article 10.1 (Mutual Recognition). 

  • The organisational arrangements and methods of work were formally laid down in the “Mutual Agreement on the implementation of Mutual Recognition Provisions of Art 10…” and this was approved  and adopted by the EU ROs on 7 October 2010. 

  • The first set of agreed Technical Requirements for Mutual Recognition was released in January 2013.  To date the EU RO MR Group has issued Technical Requirements for the mutual recognition of certificates for 62 t​ype approved products (Tiers 1-6​​).​

  • The EU RO MR Group is currently made up of 12 EU ROs and  the leadership of the Steering Committee and Technical Committee is on a rotating chair basis, with each EU RO scheduled for its turn as chair over the next few years. 

  • The EU RO MR Group Secretariat was formally established in February 2013 to administer the activities relating to Mutual Recognition on behalf of the EU RO MR Group.

  • The aim of the EU RO MR Group is to implement Article 10.1 of Regulation (EC) 391/2009 based on a feasible interpretation, which satisfies all stakeholders but does not compromise safety.


Current EU RO MR Group ​Members​ (2016)​

  1. American Bureau of Shipping ("ABS")  
  2. Bureau Veritas ("BV")
  3. China Classification Society ("CCS")
  4. Croatian Register of Shipping ("CRS")
  5. DNV GL AS ("DNV GL")
  6. Indian Register of Shipping ("IRS")
  7. Korean Register  ("KR")
  8. Lloyd's Register Group Ltd. ("LR")
  9. Nippon Kaiji Kyokai General Incorporated Foundation ("NK" or "ClassNK");
  10. Polski Rejestr Statkow S.A. ("PRS")
  11. RINA Services S.p.A. ("RINA")
  12. Russian Maritime Register of Shipping ("RS") ​​

EU RO MR Group Structure​


The Steering Committee is responsible for:


  • the administration of the procedures and methods of work between the EU ROs;
  • the timely and efficient adoption of technical requirements which will facilitate the implementation of Mutual Recognition of classification certificates for materials, equipment and components.




The Technical Committee is responsible for:


  • developing recommendations for the Steering Committee regarding the identification of appropriate materials, equipment and components for Mutual Recognition;
  • adopting the agreed technical requirements and procedures to use for Mutual Recognition of classification certificates;
  • specifying documentation and design evaluation requirements and other relevant technical conditions.





​The Secretariat is responsible for :

  • the control and maintenance of the Technical Requirements and associated procedures;
  • the coordination of the Technical Requirement Development and Change processes;
  • the organisation of meetings and industry workshops;
  • the collection, maintenance and dissemination of information relating to MR;
  • the coordination of correspondence between the EU RO MR Group and stakeholders;
  • the provision of support for projects and tasks undertaken for the EU RO MR Group.


Current Leadership of the Group​



​​Tjerk (2).jpg




Hui Zhang

Chair                                           to the Steering Committee 

Fr​om 1 January 2018           to 31 December 2018

Managing Director
of CCS European Centre

China Classification Society




Laurent Courregelongue.jpg

​Antje Herms-Bondzio

to the Technical Committee

From 1 January 2018
to  30 June 2019

Senior Specialist
Electrotechnical Systems

Lloyd's Register
Marine & Offshore





Irene Wieja

to the EU RO MR Group

From 1 June 2016

Principal Consultant 

Regulatory Affairs, DNV GL​


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