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​​MR Technical Requirements (MR ​TR) Development

The first step of the development process is to consider which products could be suitable for MR TR development.  The EU RO MR Group currently use the following Product Consideration Process to review the suitability of potential products:

Product Consideration Process v1.0 May 2015 (3).png

The EU ROs apply the Simplified Risk Based Model (Opt In / Opt Out criteria) to asecertain product suitability for MR.

After the Product Consideration Process has been completed and the products for a particular tier of products have been elected, the Technical Committee discuss and negotiate a mutually recognised draft requirement for each product, based on the most demanding and rigorous standard, as required by the Article 10.1 of the Regulation (EC) 391/2009 using the MR TR Development Process below:


​Tier 6 Development

The EU ROs are currently developing the Tier 6 MR Technical
Requirements (MR TRs) for publication 30 December 2017

How Technical Requirements are harmonized.png 

Tier 6 Industry Consultation Phase

Industry Associations representing the global marine equipment and technology industry are asked to contact their members to request a
review of the Technical Requirements from an end user point of view.

All feedback received will be considered carefully by the Technical Committee and changes will be incorporated in the final version of
the MR TRs where appropriate.

The EU RO MR Group will provide a response on the outcome of these considerations before the MR TRs are published on 30 December 2017.



 Tier 6 Draft MR Technical Requirements (MR TRs)

These draft MR TRs are provided for information only as part of the Industry Consultation Process.

The infomation contained within the MR TRs mabe subject to change as the MR TRs have not been adopted by the EU ROs.

The final version of the MR TRs will be published on http://www.euromr.org/technical-requirements as soon as adopted.


Anti-acid paints (batteries' storage rooms) Tier 6 v0.0 Draft
Electrical Insulation Mats Tier 6 v0.0 Draft
Gaskets and seals for piping systems Tier 6 v0.0 Draft
Non-metallic gratings Tier 6 v0.0 Draft
Touch screens Tier 6 v0.0 Draft
Valves - Boiler water systems Tier 6 v0.0 Draft
Valves - Steam Systems Tier 6 v0.0 Draft


Feedback shall be coordinated by industry associations using the Industry Consultation Phase - Feedback Table - v1.0.docx

Completed forms shall be sent to:
secretariat@euromr.org by 15 September 2017.