EU RO MR Product Consideration Process (PCP)

In order to consider which products could be suitable for MR TR development, the EU RO MR Group uses the following PCP to review the suitability of potential products:

The EU ROs apply the Product Evaluation Tool (PEP) to ascertain product suitability for MR.

In case of rejection of a product, the stakeholder may appeal the decision in writing by stating the reasons thereof and by justifying the appeal submitting relevant documentation within 3 months after having been notified of the rejection. The MR Group is obliged to re-consider the product under the Product Consideration Process on the basis of documentation submitted in the appeal case within a reasonable timeframe (normally not expected to exceed 6 months). The appeal will be evaluated on the basis of the documents submitted in the appeal process. Notification of the appeal decision will be given to the applicant in writing.

After the Product Consideration Process has been completed and the products for a particular tier of products have been elected, the Technical Committee discusses and negotiates a mutually recognised draft requirement for each product, based on the most demanding and rigorous standard, as required by the Article 10.1 of the Regulation (EC) 391/2009 using the MR TR Development Process below:

The Product Evaluation Tool (PEP)

In the process, the Product Evaluation Process (PEP), is used to evaluate a product’s eligibility to enter the Mutual Recognition Type Approval scheme.

The PEP has been developed by the EU RO MR Group to provide a technically founded evaluation tool for determining the possibility to develop EU RO MR Technical Requirements (TRs), and ultimately to test products for their eligibility to enter the Mutual Recognition scheme.

Using the PEP, Classification Rules of all EU ROs are screened with respect to the product and its application cases. It distinguishes three evaluation levels (Basic, Product and System), which evaluate basic regulatory requirements, product specific requirements and then any additional requirements stemming from the application case of the product within a ship’s system.

The PEP is a transparent tool, available to industry, and intended for use by the manufacturer for a preliminary check of the potential eligibility of a product being considered for Mutual Recognition of Type Approval against any of the EU RO’s Rules. Final evaluation is carried out by the EU RO MR Group against all EU RO’s Classification Rules.


The PEP overview document with the following appendices can be downloaded:

• Appendix 1 Product Evaluation Process (PEP)

• Appendix 2 PEP Instruction Manual

• Appendix 3 PEP Questionnaire Template

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Technical information regarding the MR scheme can be found in the Framework Document.

Please contact the MR Group Secretariat for any queries (mail to: [email protected]).

Technical Requirements Maintenance Process

  • Change Requests and/or feedback for the agreed Technical Requirements shall be made in writing to the EU RO MR Secretariat ( [email protected] ). The EU RO MR Technical Committee and Steering Committee follow the process below.
  • Change Requests include (but are not limited to) procedural updates, test requirement updates, rule changes or industry feedback and can vary in significance from a simple editorial change to a technical parameter or test change that may require industry consultation.
  • Revisions of Technical Requirements are endorsed (where appropriate) by the EU RO MR Steering Committee and are re-issued on a regular basis.