New Website

The Group developed the new modern website from scratch, based on the experience made with the old website, taking on board the feedback received by industry and other stakeholders. In addition, a test website has been sent out for comments to get even more user-input.

The focus was to streamline the content and to further improve on end-user friendliness.

In a nutshell, the following has been changed:

• A comprehensive description of the certification process has been included directly on the landing page.

• A state of the art method to subscribe to news and newsletters has been implemented while the single point of contact for the group via e-mail [email protected] has been maintained.

• The Technical Requirements and Framework Document are easily accessible by using a modern tile-format and a full text product description search.

• For convenient traceability, the historic versions of the Technical Requirements and Framework Documents have been added.

• Information about individually issued MR Certificates can be directly accessed via Group Members’ homepages.

• The overview of previous stakeholder involvement and related workshops has been improved.

The Group offers now a modern website including convenient access via mobile devices such as tablet or smartphone.