EU RO MR Group Report 2015 – 2019 published

The report summarizes the activities of the MR Group since 2015 in furthering the implementation of the Mutual Recognition (MR) scheme.

In cooperation with manufacturers’ associations and diverse stakeholder groups, the EU ROs MR Group endeavors to systematically implement Art 10.1 without compromising safety.

For the sake of safety at sea, in which the system of classification and delegation of authority for statutory certification from flag states play a crucial role, all activities are directed towards ensuring that the highest level of safety is instituted, maintained and promoted.

This report addresses all stakeholders impacted by the MR process as implemented and is intended to

- increase awareness of the overall MR scheme stipulated in Art 10.1 Regulation 391/2009/EC;

- inform relevant stakeholder groups and interested parties, such as regulators (the European Commission and Flag states administrations), shipowners, operators, insurers, manufacturers, system integrators and interested academia about the status of achievements of the EU RO MR Group;

- provide a status report on the EU RO MR Group activities facilitating implementation of the MR provisions of Art 10.1 with a focus on the years 2015 to present, following up on COM (2015)382 (Report from the first EC report issued in 2015), and addressing the recommendations by the EU Parliament;

- carry forward the overriding principle of the EU ROs not to compromise safety. A safety methodology has been developed to be applied for product consideration under the MR scheme, enabling that every candidate product for MR can be considered using the Product Consideration Process; and to

- provide an information point on further considerations regarding legal and implementation aspects in the context of the requirements of Art 10.1.

Please download the report from the MR Group website here.

For general information please visit our website www.euromr.org.

Technical information regarding the MR scheme can be found in the Framework Document (https://www.euromr.org/technical-requirements)

Please contact the MR Group Secretariat for any queries (mailto:[email protected]).