How to handle software in the MR scheme

Initiated by a request by industry, the EU RO MR Group has addressed on how to handle Software in the MR Scheme.

As a consequence, respective requirements have been included in relevant EU RO MR Technical Requirements.

Information on the approach and established principles can be found here.

The following 16 TRs have been aligned accordingly and will enter into force 1 July 2022:

AC Semiconductor Controllers

Circuit Breakers with ED

Computers and PLCs

Contactors with ED

Control and Protective Switching Devices

Display Monitors, Video Screens, Terminals

Electrical / Electronic Relays

Electrical Actuators for Valves

Electronic Power Units for Valve Control

Flow Gauges/Transmitters

Level Gauges/Transmitters

LV Soft Starters

Pressure Gauges/Transmitters

Temperature Gauges Transmitters

Touch Screen

Insulation Monitoring Devices (IMD)