Adjustable Steel Chocks

General description of the product

Adjustable steel chocks are foundation chocks for rigid seatings of heavy machinery and equipment, which require precise alignment and adjustment. The Technical Requirements apply to metal chocks with adjustable height setting by an internal screw connection combined with the capability of self-levelling, thus called 'Adjustable Steel Chocks'. The material used for the adjustable steel chocks includes non-alloy as well as alloyed steel, including stainless steel.

Document Type Version Application Date Current Version
Adjustable Steel Chocks Requirement 0.0 2014-06-11 No
Adjustable Steel Chock Requirement 0.1 2015-01-31 No
Adjustable Steel Chock Requirement 0.2 2016-10-01 No
Adjustable Steel Chocks Requirement 0.3 2023-07-01 Yes