Expansion Joints

General description of the product

a) Expansion joints made of composite construction, utilizing metallic material (e.g. steel, stainless steel, or equivalent material wire braid) with rubberized/elastomeric coatings inside and/or outside or similar arrangements;

b) External fire-resistant sleeves may be accepted, if needed, to ensure fireresistant characteristics;

c) Full-metal bellow-type expansion joints are covered by a different set of Rules and therefore cannot be considered within this specific technical requirement.

Document Type Version Application Date Current Version
Expansion Joints Requirement 0.3 2016-10-01 No
Expansion Joints Requirement 0.2 2015-01-31 No
Expansion Joints Requirement 0.1 2014-01-31 No
Expansion Joints Requirement 0.0 2013-04-30 No
Expansion Joints Requirement 0.4 2023-07-01 Yes