Level Gauges / Transmitters

General description of the product

a) These technical requirements (TR) are meant to cover mechanical and electronic level gauges/transmitters for non-essential systems on board classed vessels.

b) Measuring principles may typically be:

- Microwave radar level transmitter;

- Guided wave radar level transmitter;

- Ultrasonic level transmitter;

- Capacitive (rod) level transmitter;

- Float level gauge/transmitter;

- Magnetic float level gauge/transmitter.

c) These MR technical requirements (MR TRs) do not cover:

- Control, monitoring and safety functions for primary- or secondary essential services, as defined by IACS Unified Interpretations SC134;

- Glass level gauges, magnetic glass level gauges, self-powered gauges with diaphragm and capillary tube or other mechanical gauging principles that penetrate the tank where testing according to IACS UR P2 (Rules for piping design, construction and testing) typically is required;

- Boiler remote level indicator - see separate MR TR for ‘BOILER REMOTE LEVEL INDICATOR’ (Tier 3);

- Electro-pneumatic level transmitters - see separate MR TR for ‘ELECTRO-PNEUMATIC LEVEL TRANSMITTERS (EPLT)’ (Tier 5);

- Pressure gauges/transmitters see separate MR TR for ‘PRESSURE GAUGES/ TRANSMITTERS’ (Tier 5);

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