General description of the product

Rotational speed indicator of marine diesel engines, steam and gas turbines, which

indicate revolutions per minute and rotating direction.

a) Mechanical (Centrifugal, Electromagnetic) tachometer

The types by drive system are shown below:

- Direct drive;

- Flexible shaft drive;

- Belt drive;

b) Electric tachometer

The types of revolution detectors by drive system are shown below:

- Non-contact type (Detecting system: Frequency);

- Direct type (Detecting system: Frequency, AC voltage or DC voltage);

- Flexible shaft type (Detecting system: AC voltage).

Generally composed of:

- Non-contact type detector (Revolution detector);

- Signal converter; and

- Receiver.


- Driving unit;

- Direct type/Flexible shaft type detector (Transmitting device);

- Junction box; and

- Receiver.

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