Accumulator Battery

General description of the product

Accumulator battery also known as storage battery is secondary battery designed to be electrically rechargeable. Lead acid battery is a type of accumulator battery widely used on board as main or emergency power source for automatic system and equipment, communication, lighting appliance etc. and for engine starting. The lead acid battery can be subdivided into two types-vented type and valve regulated type:

- Vented (flooded) battery: a vented battery is a secondary battery having a cover provided with one or more openings through which gaseous products may escape;

- Valve-regulated (with gas recombination) battery: a valve-regulated battery is a secondary battery that is closed under normal conditions and has an arrangement that allows the escape of gas if the internal pressure exceeds a predetermined value. The battery cannot normally receive an addition of water or electrolyte. In this type of battery, the electrolyte is immobilised.

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